Types Of Masks For Children

As a general recommendation, children over 6 years of age should use a mask as a preventive measure against Covid-19. It should not be used when the child has great breathing difficulties due to having his face covered.

This is a protection that, in turn, is accompanied by other habits such as regular hand washing and physical distance . In The Children’s Blog we analyze the characteristics of the different types of masks.

FFP2 Masks For Children

The ffp2 masks for children are currently highly valued as a measure of individual protection and, also, social.

This care also protects those who are close. This is one of the masks that offers a higher degree of protection. There are different types of Personal Protective Equipment with different filters against particles . And this type of mask is framed in this category. The CE marking and the corresponding certifications indicate that the product meets quality standards.

Hygienic Masks For Children

For detailed information on a hygienic mask, it is advisable to carefully read the information on the label. A reusable design must indicate the period of use since, after this period, the product loses its essential properties. It is convenient to know what is the recommended number of washes in each case . This maintenance process must be carried out following the data mentioned by the manufacturer.

You will also find alternatives of disposable format. Such a design should be removed after the recommended period has been reached. It is important to ensure the correct fit of the mask. Therefore, it is advisable to choose an appropriate size for the child so that the product can perfectly cover the nose, mouth and chin area. The level of adjustment must be total, since there should not be any free gaps on each side of the face.

Among the data that you can consult on the mask label, the following information should be highlighted: name that identifies the type of product, instructions for use, size, type of material and recommended care for good maintenance.

Surgical Masks For Children

Surgical masks must have the CE mark on the label. This is a medical device that prevents the transmission of the virus. The use of this mask is also indicated for people who have symptoms compatible with covid-19 or who know the definitive diagnosis. It is important to read the indications on the label to know the instructions for use indicated by the manufacturer.

When choosing a mask it is not only good to take into account the age of the child himself, but also his individual needs. For this reason, if the child has any type of illness, it is advisable to consult with the doctor which is the safest product for him.